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5Rhythms Movement meditation

Sabbatical 2016 
I am spending some time in the studio, but we are still dancing!
Gathering in and taking time and space for creative renewal...

I did not know that the concept of a Sabbatical comes from the Bible itself, from a passage in Genesis in which God rested (literally, "ceased" from his labour) after creating the universe, and it is applied to people (Jew and Gentile, slave and free) and even to beasts of burden in one of the Ten Commandments. All agriculture was stopped during these periods, so even the land itself was given a Sabbath. Sabbatical has come to mean any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something. One takes sabbatical typically to fulfill some goal, e.g., like writing a book or traveling extensively for research. And, it happens, usually, every seven years.

So, after seven years of teaching 5Rhythms regularly in Dallas, I am taking a creative break in order to get my dancing house in order! I will be dancing, meditating, making art, writing, tending to my muses, and completely redesigning the schedule and 5Rhythms offerings that I am creating for us soon.

Fear not! There are many opportunities to dance in the next few months and throughout 2016... This is but a preview of coming attractions.
We have some masterful 5Rhythms teachers coming our way to offer deep dive workshops. So stay tuned.

Stay tuned for new offerings in Plano and Fort Worth, Another round of Sacred Ritual Prayer Dance. Labyrinth Sunset Walk and Ritual for Autumn Equinox. Black Tent Gatherings for Women in Mid Life. Closed Ongoing Group for In-Depth 5Rhythms Practice, Day-Long 5Rhythms Deep Dive Intensives, Sweat your Prayers, and endless creativity!

In love and appreciation,
See you on the Dance floor!


By popular demand!


Thank You dancers for all your dancing hearts during this series.
Join us for our 7th and final class of Essential Waves!

We are shaking things up a bit. New location, time, and intention for our evening together.

We will explore and play with grounded fluid movement within space. Connection with ourselves, partnership with each other, and tribal dances.

This will be a fun evening dancing with community Sweating our Prayers and following the Wave of Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical and Stillness®

We will end the evening with nourshing tea and snacks. :)

~ New to the 5Rhythms® or if you are planning on attending Lucia Horan's Heartbeat workshop August 26-28th this is a great opportunity to experience the Waves level 5Rhythms practice.~

8:15 to 10:30 pm @ Divine Sight Healing Arts Center - $20
*Doors close at 8:30pm to create a safe container for our dances. Please arrive on time.


Divine Sight Healing Arts Center
1320 Griffin St E, Dallas, Texas 75215

Music Guides for the evening:
~ August 19th Mati & Susie ~

Mati and Susie are both Certified and Accredited 5Rhythms® Teachers.

If you don't do your dance, who will? Gabrielle Roth

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Beginners and seasoned dancers wanted!

If you don't do your dance, who will? Gabrielle Roth

Much like walking in a labyrinth, working with a medicine wheel, sitting at the center of a pyramid, or being devotional at the temple of our choosing, the Wave at the heart of 5Rhythms® Moving Meditation practice is a sacred geometry pattern that invites us into the mystery by breaking through the usual elements of time and space, the known and the unknown. Seasoned dancers know each Wave is like a fractal... the Rhythms and embodied states of being of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, are both familiar and experienced fresh and anew when we dance with a beginner’s mind, curiosity and surrender. For beginners, the Wave can be a new and exciting territory to discover.
Join me for the last dance of the Summer
5Rhythms Movement Meditation 

Sunday, August 21 at 2 PM - 4:00 PM

Dhyana Yoga Center
3131 Custer Rd, Ste 265, Plano, Texas 75075


Though the soul is not a thing, it is our beingness, that which gives us being. Its presence manifests in being awake, attentive, energetic, alive. It is the spark of life. - Gabrielle Roth. Maps to Ecstasy

5Rhythms Movement is a practice of Soul. We dance every Wave anew; each dance builds over time and moving with awareness begins to transform our embodiment, our awareness, and our presence. Through the years, it has been a privilege to witness the clear and subtle ways with which these changes happen. When I look out across the dance floor I am often filled with awe and joy as I witness the physical changes in embodiment and the freedom of being and relating that I can see in dancers who keep showing up week after week.  Do you remember the first time I asked you to take a partner? Now we dance together spontaneously and creatively!  Do you remember the first time you felt grounded enough to traverse the whole floor with fluidity and grace, stepping out and trusting your feet?

...our challenge is to become conscious of these Rhythms, to truly experience them, to enter into them. We have to learn to know what rhythm we are in, how to ride with it, how to shift; to sense what rhythms others are in and how the different rhythms are complementary or discordant. We need to discover what rhythm predominates in us -are we a flowing type, a chaotic type? What rhythms characterize the main people in our lives? We need to tune into the undulating rhythms of our days, our weeks, our months, our years." Gabrielle Roth, Maps to Ecstasy

Gabrielle Roth's main mantra was, "Are you disciplined enough to be a free spirit?" and  I completely believe this to be true. Do you have the curiosity to show up to your dance with full attention and to start noticing the amazing changes and openings that come about from moving mindfully and consciously with each and every one of the Rhythms and through a whole Wave?  Do you know how you ground yourself and relax, and flow? Are you able to open hips to heart and direct your movements towards action, creating shapes and angles and change? Are you willing to thoroughly release control in chaos and surrender everything to the beat until you lighten up and taste the freedom of Lyrical, with all its possibility and promise of fully present creativity? Is your dance of Stillness full, empty, alive, a refuge? Can you dance with yourself, meet others fully in the beat, connect with the larger field of us? And, of course, as on the dance floor so in life.... Do these energies and ways of moving translate into your life, your work, your relationships, your creativity and your relationship with the Divine?

Soul's Callings... Are we ready to surrender to our body intelligence and practice letting go and listening to the creative urges and life-giving spark of our Soul's longing?

I hope you join me on the dance floor.... 
In love, in the dance,



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