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5Rhythms Movement meditation

Though the soul is not a thing, it is our beingness, that which gives us being. Its presence manifests in being awake, attentive, energetic, alive. It is the spark of life. - Gabrielle Roth. Maps to Ecstasy

5Rhythms Movement is a practice of Soul. We dance every Wave anew; each dance builds over time and moving with awareness begins to transform our embodiment, our awareness, and our presence. Through the years, it has been a privilege to witness the clear and subtle ways with which these changes happen. When I look out across the dance floor I am often filled with awe and joy as I witness the physical changes in embodiment and the freedom of being and relating that I can see in dancers who keep showing up week after week.  Do you remember the first time I asked you to take a partner? Now we dance together spontaneously and creatively!  Do you remember the first time you felt grounded enough to traverse the whole floor with fluidity and grace, stepping out and trusting your feet?

...our challenge is to become conscious of these Rhythms, to truly experience them, to enter into them. We have to learn to know what rhythm we are in, how to ride with it, how to shift; to sense what rhythms others are in and how the different rhythms are complementary or discordant. We need to discover what rhythm predominates in us -are we a flowing type, a chaotic type? What rhythms characterize the main people in our lives? We need to tune into the undulating rhythms of our days, our weeks, our months, our years." Gabrielle Roth, Maps to Ecstasy

Gabrielle Roth's main mantra was, "Are you disciplined enough to be a free spirit?" and  I completely believe this to be true. Do you have the curiosity to show up to your dance with full attention and to start noticing the amazing changes and openings that come about from moving mindfully and consciously with each and every one of the Rhythms and through a whole Wave?  Do you know how you ground yourself and relax, and flow? Are you able to open hips to heart and direct your movements towards action, creating shapes and angles and change? Are you willing to thoroughly release control in chaos and surrender everything to the beat until you lighten up and taste the freedom of Lyrical, with all its possibility and promise of fully present creativity? Is your dance of Stillness full, empty, alive, a refuge? Can you dance with yourself, meet others fully in the beat, connect with the larger field of us? And, of course, as on the dance floor so in life.... Do these energies and ways of moving translate into your life, your work, your relationships, your creativity and your relationship with the Divine?

Soul's Callings... Are we ready to surrender to our body intelligence and practice letting go and listening to the creative urges and life-giving spark of our Soul's longing?

I hope you join me on the dance floor.... 
In love, in the dance,



5Rhythms® Moving Meditation
with Mati Vargas-Gibson in Dallas  

JUNE - JULY 2015


As you know I love doing contained series for our 5Rhythms Practice.
It's like dancing through a full wave over a few weeks and it allows for a deeper discovery and intention.

For the rest of June and Mid July I will focus on the Keys to the Physical Embodiment the 5Rhythms Map.

As we dance we begin to literally unlock first our Body with the Rhythm of Flowing through the gateway of the feet. Our hearts through the Rhythm of Staccato via the gateway of the hips. The mind through releasing our head in Chaos. Our soul and imagination as we open the gateway of our hands, and the Spirit and Mystery of the gateway of Stillness through the breath.

What new openings and revelations can be right there for you as you explore yourself in motion? Let's discover together and ride these Waves for healing and creativity!

June 14 - Flowing - Unlocking the power of Being

June 21 - Staccato - Unlocking the power of Loving

June 28 - Chaos - Unlocking the power of knowing

July 12 - Lyrical - Unlocking the power of seeing

July 19 - Stillness - Unlocking the power of Healing

*No dance on July 5 Holiday Weekend

Sacred Dance Meditation and the deep exploration of the
5Rhythms Practice of Mindful and Creative Embodiment

5Rhythms® is a moving meditation practice born of deep study and observation; created by artist, theater director, musician, author and extraordinary teacher, Gabrielle Roth, who for more than fifty years has guided thousands of people towards ecstasy through the magic of dance, creative movement, and ritual theater.

As a spiritual and healing practice they are a deep exploration of body, mind, emotions, creativity and soul, helping us us to cultivate awareness and to have a direct experience of union, wholeness, and freedom.

The Five Rhythms are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. Together they create a Wave, and these waves are organic, naturally-mapped journeys and structures that guide us towards a profound encounter with our unique, spontaneous movements; with our individual expression and the fluidity of our emotions; to freeing thoughts and mind and rediscovering the magic and enchantment of our originality; and towards silence, peace and wisdom, eternal and always present at the center of our dynamic, moving self.

There are no steps to follow, no choreography to learn, no way to do it wrong. Everyone is welcome, no matter what shape, size, age, limitation or experience. All you need is curiosity and willingness to move deeply and freely.

10 am to NOON
Warmup starts at 9:45

$17 prepaid at
$20 at the door
Series $150

Meadows Hall in the Sammons Center for the Arts Dallas

See you on the dance floor!

Meadows Hall in the Sammons Center for the Arts Dallas


Many of you know that the Dallas Youth Orchestra rehearses in the building on Sundays and they need to set up right after our dance. In order to keep our schedule as it is, I will be starting the warmup at 9:45 so we can be ready to exit by NOON exactly.
Feel free to come a bit early to start warming up and be ready to dance by 10.

I ask that we all be mindful of transitioning out of Meadows Hall as quickly as possible, we can then socialize and connect in the lobby. This will make for a smooth transition for everyone and harmonious coexistence with the GDYO!

Thank you!
See you on the dance floor!

New Moon Series for Women Only
A Mandala of Feminine
Dancing Wisdom!

"Soul, to me, means embodied essence. When we experience ourselves and others in our full humanity: part animal, part divine. Healing comes through embodiment of the soul. The soul in matter is what I think the feminine side of God is all about. The feminine soul is what grounds us. It loves and accepts us in our totality."
Marion Woodman

This year I am being called back to my roots of healing which began many many moons ago with the recovery of the feminine essence of this lifetime. It was an amazing archetypal journey of transformation, and I am very excited to offer this series of dance rituals for all women in our community.

Each month in 2015 we will meet on or very close to the New Moon to honor the cycles of our lives and our creativity as well as the changes we are all moving with. The practice of 5Rhythms will help us tap into body wisdom and journey in the energetic fields of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness, to fully embody many different qualities and aspects of ourselves.

"When the soul is empowered we have an infinite repertoire of possible roles."
Gabrielle Roth

Archetypes are powerful inner patterns, forces within us that resonate with myths and stories. We all have these patterns regardless of our age or experience and it is good medicine to connect with them regularly. That way we can invoke them in our life in a fluid and spontaneous manner, especially when we feel stuck in a role. When we travel the Archetypal Wheel of the Feminine, we can embody, discover, or recover motherly instincts, innocent girly dreams, the fierce power of the warrior, the surrendered sensuality of the lover, wisdom of the ages belonging to the crone, the deep intuition of the seer, a creative streak ready to be expressed through the artist self... each woman adding her own distinct signature and style to this kaleidoscope... her own dance to the beauty of our collective mandala.

Through the year, we will journey with each of the feminine aspects in our dance... listening the wisdom that they offer towards our healing, creativity, relationships and work in the world. I imagine it will be a wild journey of transformation, sharing, and the amazing support that happens when women dance together.

suspension into a moment…running wind against skin…reach for light…ah so deep, so long…ecstasy…surrendering to gravity…condensing…melting into a formless pool…spreading wide, wider…dissolving into nothingness…gathering into center…pouring out into the turning space…streaming into the spaces all around…oh…the joy…the beauty…”
Mary Hamilton The Dragonfly Principle


January - Mother Jan 19
February - Girl/Daughter Feb 18
March 16 - Maiden 
April 15 - Priestess  VENUE TBA
May 15 - Healer/Midwife
June 17 - Warrior/Amazon
July 17 - Lover
August 14 - Wild Woman
Sept 14 - Queen
Oct 4 - Seer/Mystic
Nov 13 - Artist/Creator
Dec 11 - Crone/Wise Woman
Jan 11 2016 - Dark Mother/Destroyer

Sliding scale $15-$25 *
Crew help positions available

This is an open group! No dance experience necessary, just a willingness to move and be moved. All bodies, shapes sizes, physical ability, and ages welcome!

For our visual sacred installation I also invite you to bring images or sacred objects related to each Archetype, and of course, dress up or wear dance clothes that would inspire you to truly and playfully embody the feminine aspects that we will be dancing into life!

I can't wait to see and experience what we co-create together each month!


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